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White’s Auction Services can help you sell your real estate through auction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private treaty sales (which deal with potential buyers one at a time) may result in selling the property without everyone having an opportunity to buy. The auction method brings all interested buyers together at the same place and same time to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the bidding. The auction method also ensures the seller that the property will have a definite date of sale, eliminating the question of, “How long before my property will sell, and how far do I have to reduce the price to sell my property?”

All of the real estate that we sell at auction is sold subject to the owner’s confirmation, leaving the final decision to the seller.

Sellers pay a minimal commission plus advertising expense and the cost of any necessary surveys if the property sells. If the property does not sell, sellers are responsible for the advertising expense and cost of sale plus a small predetermined fee.

* Please note: Federal antitrust laws prohibit us from publishing specific fees in order to avoid price-fixing. Please contact us directly if you have questions about our fees.