The Brookville area offers a wide range recreational activities for people of all ages. For more information about popular Franklin County tourist attractions, we recommend visiting the websites listed below.

  • Franklin County Tourism Website
  • Franklin County Calendar of Events


  • Historic Franklin County

    For those interested in Indiana history, the Brookville area offers a number of fascinating sites and activities. Franklin County is home to the historic “Mound Haven” region, so called because of the large number of ancient Native American “mound” structures found there. Located adjacent to White’s Farm is the Little Cedar Baptist Church, the oldest church on its original foundation in Indiana.

    The nearby town of Metamora offers visitors the chance to explore an 1838 canal town. Today, Old Metamora includes more than 100 shops– a great opportunity to shop for antiques and unique craft items. Visitors also come to relive the past by viewing historic demonstrations, strolling along the Whitewater Canal, and visiting the only usable wooden aqueduct in the United States. Of special interest is the fully restored Grist Mill, which is now a State museum. You might also enjoy a ride on the Whitewater Railroad or the Ben Franklin III, a horse-drawn canal boat that provides scenic rides along the Whitewater Canal.

    Outdoor Vacationing and Day Trips in Franklin County

    Our outdoor activities attract many visitors to Franklin County. Golfers can enjoy play at any of five area golf courses. The Franklin County Park’s 200 acres offer overnight camping areas as well as playgrounds and facilities for family reunions, church picnics. Franklin County also offers two horse stables for riding enthusiasts.

    The Brookville area is located in an historic and scenic valley formed by the east and west forks of the Whitewater River in eastern Franklin County. This area is filled with beautiful scenery for the more than 2 million sightseers all seasons of the year. For those who enjoy experiencing nature, there are hills, valleys and streams throughout the entire county, featuring a wide variety of wildlife. Birdwatching enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to view a wide range of species in Franklin County. Canoe, kayak, and raft enthusiasts will enjoy the Whitewater River.

    The Brookville Lake State Reservoir (designed, built and operated by the Louisville District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) and Whitewater State Park offer a wide variety of recreational options. Here you’ll find two on-lake campgrounds, three boat rental services and nine boat ramps. For the fisherman, water skier, or boating enthusiast, Brookville Lake provides an ideal vacation setting. This lake serves not only for flood control, but also as a recreational facility. It is stocked with millions of game fish including walleyes, muskie and bass. Among Brookville Lake’s special amenities:

  • Best stocked walleye man-made lake east of the Mississippi River
  • Only lake in Indiana with full-blooded stripers
  • Largest lake in Indiana by water volume (5,260 acres of clear, clean water) with an average depth of 30 feet (clear, cold—17,200 acres)
    Click here for a map.

  • Restaurants

    Over a dozen local restaurants, from fast food to fine dining, offer visitors delicious menus, friendly service, and comfortable (sometimes historic!) surroundings.

    Charming Bed and Breakfast Inns

    The area’s bed and breakfast inns offer enjoyable meals, too—and many are open to the public as well as overnight guests. Our 12 bed and breakfast inns offer a variety of charming accommodations at affordable prices. You may wish to check the Franklin County Tourism web page for additional information about inns, campgrounds, and motels in our area.

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