White’s Farm : Info for Buyers

Aireal shots of White’s Farm on Wednesday. During our busy summer season, expect 400-500 vendors selling just about everything under the sun.

Fun, Bargains, Unexpected Treasures…and Great Food!

It’s all here! Old, new, collectible and antique! There’s something for everyone at White’s Farm Flea Market!

We are open every Wednesday, year-round, from daylight until noon. Our market includes both indoor and outdoor booths. You’ll find things you need as well as items to simply enjoy–antiques, new items, crafts, used merchandise, and fresh produce. Parking is free of charge.

While you’re here, enjoy a homemade breakfast or lunch. For breakfast, try Grandma Applegate’s world-famous biscuits and gravy, pastries, and other traditional foods and beverages. For lunch, our three concession areas offer all types of sandwiches and drinks.

You may also enjoy visiting our miscellaneous and antique auction at 11:00 am on Wednesdays. Also check out our livestock auction at 1:00 pm on Wednesdays.


If it’s Wednesday, it’s White’s

Directions & Tourist Information

White’s Farm Flea Market is located at 6032 Holland Road, 3 miles south of Brookville, Indiana in the picturesque Whitewater Valley of Franklin County. Click here for driving directions.

The Farm is situated next to Little Cedar Baptist Church, the oldest church on its original foundation in Indiana. While you are here, you may also want to visit White’s Realty and indoor auction facility, which is located on Farm property. Brookville is located in the historic Mounds Haven region, known for its early Native American mound structures. The Brookville area has many attractions to offer, including historic sites, unique shopping, a variety of restaurants, charming bed and breakfast inns, and excellent fishing and boating opportunities. We know you will enjoy your visit to Brookville and the Franklin County area. For more information, check out our Enjoy Brookville page, which includes complete information about tourism, recreation, shopping, and dining options.

Information regarding firearms.
Both vendors and buyers are not permitted to carry firearms through the flea market.

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